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Staying Healthy

  It is easy to stay healthy if you follow some simple rules. Follow those suggestions and they will help you to stay healthy.
  First, you need to have fun with your friends. For example, you can play some little games like running and riding a bike. Second, you need to eat healthy food and drink lots of water. Remember to brush your teeth after the meal. Third, don’t play too much computer games and game boys. Also, you need to read some books.
  In addition, you need to relax, take a rest, do exercise everyday and eat more vegetables. And then you can be healthy.


The Summer

  I love summer. Summer is a perfect season. I can do lots of things in summer, such as swim in the pool, soak in the cold spring, eat ice-cream.
  I usually climb the mountain with my family. We have two days for holidays. Between these two days we not only do exercise, but also have fun.
  My father will tell me more stories about my family and I feel fun. There is another important thing in June-The school exam. It is very important for me. My parents ask me to prepare and study first so that I can have a good time for traveling.
  Summer is a cute season for us. The weather is suitable for us to do the indoor and outdoor activities. Summer also is the second season of the year. I must plan something I need to do this year so that I will have a good time in summer.


My Favorite Cellphone

Chinese New Year


  In my free time, I like to play with Barbie, my friend at home.
On the weekends, I enjoy helping grandmother to wash dishes and go shopping with my mom. Mom says I am her special girl.
  I have to do my homework everyday when I get home.After I finish my homework. I can play computer games. Playing computer games is my favorite thing to do because I have a lot of fun.


  Hello everyone, my name is Amy. The phone I chose and like the best is the LG Model KT520. I paid $6,890 for this phone. Some of the features that made me pick this phone are it's weight, at 105g, it's not too heavy. The screen pixels are 26 millions pixels which is quite good. The camera is also good with 3.2 millions Mega pixels. I like a lot of pictures. It has bluetooth so that I can send pictures and songs to my friends.
  I would use my phone for talking to my friends, playing games and listening to music. I will also take pictures with the camera and use the Internet on my phone.I will use my phone often, because I will talk to my friends and family. I will let the girls use my cellphone, but I wouldn't let the boys use it. And if I lost my cellphone, I would buy a new phone and call the police to find out who stole my cellphone.

  Chinese New Year is one of the most important Chinese festivals. It is the holiday for family gatherings.
  Before Chinese New Year, my family did many things. My mom bought new clothes for me, cleaned the house and went shopping to buy lucky food. She was always very busy on that day. And, I helped my dad clean up the house to welcome the New Year.
  During Chinese New Year, I felt so happy. I dressed up in my new clothes. I visited my relatives. I said lucky words all the time. Also, we ate reunion dinner together. After that, I got lucky money from my parents. What's more, I played firecrackers with my cousins. Chinese New Year gave me lots of happiness.

What Do I Like To Do?


My Diary

  Last Saturday was my father’s birthday. He is 40 years old now. He had a great birthday party at home. All my cousins and best friends came. Everybody wore a party hat. My mother wanted to buy a chocolate cake for us. We sang the birthday song together. He made a wish and blew out the candles on the cake. He shared the birthday cake with everybody. He got many presents. My uncle gave him a new coat. My cousins gave him a bag of cookies. We had a lot of fun!


  It was a sunny day last Friday. We went on a trip to Nan-Tou. When we arrived at Nan-Tou, it was raining, but it stopped very quickly. But when we finished our lunch. It started to rain again. The rain was heavy until we arrived the hotel, and it stopped. The boss from the hotel told us that there was a “Starbucks” next to the travel center and there was seven-eleven, too! Wow! It is amazing! Their location is the highest in Taiwan! We finished our dinner and went back to the hotel. The next day, we went to Chingjing Farm to play. We saw lots of sheep, and they were very cute. Then we went to the “Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.” We played in all kinds of entertainment facilities and they were so fun. 
  I am very happy that we had a wonderful time in Nan-Tou. I hope I can go to Nan-Tou again!

“I AM Michael Schumacher” POEM 
I am the great Michael Schumacher. 
I wonder if I am a good driver.
I hear a big racing car. 
I see it go very far.
I want to be a F1 champion. 
I am going to be as strong as a lion.
I pretend my car is a Tiger. 
I feel I am the best racer.
I touch my lucky helmet. 
I worry I won’t win it.
I cry because, my legs are broken, I am going to walk like a chicken.
I understand how to drive very well. 
I say I never never never tell.
I dream I will have a new car. 
I am going to drive very far.

Birthday Party

A Postcard To My Friend, Tintin

A Story Summary -
A Black Mole

My Best Vacation Ever

Windows on My World----“I am ___ Poem.”

  Yesterday was my mother's birthday. She is 32 years old now. She had an exciting birthday party at the restaurant. All her best friends came. Everybody wore a costume. My grandmother baked a cherry cake for her. We all sang the birthday song together. She made a wish and blew out the candles on the cake.   She shared the birthday cake with everybody. She got many presents. Her brother gave her a Teddy bear. Her sister gave her a bag of cookies and some flowers. We had a lot of fun.

Dear Tintin,
We are having a good time here.
The food in the hotel is delicious and the weather is hot and sunny.
We have swum in the sea. The water is very warm.
I have ridden a camel, too. Have you ever ridden a camel?

Miss Julia, 
No. 150, FuDan Rd,
Ping jen, Taiwan.

                           Good luck




  In a little town in America, a girl grew a big mole on her face when she was two.Everyone, including her parents, didn’t like her very much, so she only went to school for three years,then she went to a farm to work. She was a nobody at that time.
  When she was twelve, a well known philosopher happened to pass by the farm.When he saw the girl who was concentrating on reading books he told the man beside him “ This girl must be the most promising in this town. Her mole is actually a lucky star!!
  From that day on, everyone looked at her in a different way. She got more and more confident in herself, her smile was as bright as sunlight and her grades were getting better and better. 
  An ugly duckling was changed into a beautiful swan. Later, she got a doctorate degree of Cambridge university, became the youngest professor in Edinburgh university and an influential social activist.
     At last, she became the London mayor’s assistant. A divination call turned an unfortunate mole into a lucky star and brought her a brilliant life.